Overview of the major manufacturers of tires.

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    How to choose car tires?

    Yokohama Tires

    So you got behind the wheel of his new car. It would seem that the rules learned, passed the exam, what else you need to get real pleasure from dashing away. But over time, you begin to realize that a comfortable and safe ride this will only happen when each item in your car will be able to provide a working and smooth operation of the vehicle. And it means that you have from time to time, the extent of wear, replace old parts with new ones.

    In particular, this applies to car tires. How to select the right tires, which are essential to your car? This question is raised, alas, not only beginners, but even very experienced drivers. Since today car tires on the market in such a big assortment that is difficult to understand what they differ, except for the price. Let's try to figure it out together.

    Size and marking.

    Dunlop Tires

    Of course, the tires on different cars differ. Say more - they often differ in different models even one car. This is because all cars sold, usually a trim - most of the budget to elite, and each of the equipment may be of different wheel sizes. Therefore, tire size of your iron friend, you must know exactly.

    How do you know this size?

    Very simple - information can be found in the service book. In addition, it is important to know about the features of different types of tires operating under different weather conditions, as well as other characteristics. In order to understand what kind of tire in front of you, just look at her markings. It is mandatory to apply on the side of the tire. These few signs give you complete information about the width and height of the tire section, diameter of the disc load rating (acceptable level of load) and the index rate - that is the maximum speed at which the vehicle is not claimed by the manufacturer will lose performance.

    Which manufacturer to prefer.

    Hankook Tires

    Tyres of the manufacturer to choose - this question too many torments. How to buy quality car tires at the same time and at the same time not overpay just for the brand? Especially today that advertising abound. Consumers are very popular, in particular, the company Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli. But less well-known and tires, for example, Dunlop or Kumho are also many admirers.

    Best before buying scrutinize testimonials from those who already "change out" your car tires in one or another producer, and based on that determined with the purchase. Important to note that the positive reviews may be about tires produced by different manufacturers, but the price for this may differ by several times. And only you can decide - buy tires at a low price or give preference to more expensive.

    Summer, winter tires or universal.

    Another issue that is very important - what tires should buy if you want to "disguise" the car for the winter. Even a novice knows that the so-called summer tires is not suitable for driving on roads covered with ice and snow - "summer" tires certainly need to change on the other, designed specifically for such weather conditions. How do they differ and whether to put the so-called "universal" tire that would fit for any weather?

    Nokian Tyres

    The difference between these two types of tires in the first tread. For a more gentle weather should choose car tires with a tread pattern, where there are drainage grooves. And if you have to travel to the harsh winter, it is better to choose the tire of a softer material, with coarse tread pattern and special spines. Generally they all have one of the symbols: «Aqua», «Rain», «Winter».

    And the second question - whether there are those most versatile tires that can not be changed throughout the year. In principle, exist. They are marked «All weather». But we do not recommend buying them. Since most, this designation is acceptable only for countries with a mild climate, and not for our harsh winters. And if you do not want trouble on the road, such road tires better pass by.

    But whatever tires you choose, it is important to remember the most important thing - they should promptly replaced when tread worn to a certain level. This is one of the guarantees that your ride will be comfortable and safe.


    Tires Yokohama F700Z
    Yokohama F700Z

    Tires Dunlop Grandtrek ST20
    Dunlop Grandtrek ST20

    Tires Hankook Icebear W300A
    Hankook Icebear W300A

    Tires Bridgestone RD713
    Bridgestone RD713

    Tires Continental Vanco Four Season
    Continental Vanco Four Season

    Tires Kumho Grugen Premium
    Kumho Grugen Premium

    Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires 8
    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

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